About The Founder


Danielle Forte, Founder

Danielle Forte is the heart and soul behind 828, a brand synonymous with timeless luxury and the beauty of diversity. Inspired by the profound message of Romans 8:28, Danielle founded 828 on August 28, 2017, together with her husband, Chicago Bears Running Back Matt Forte, with the belief that all things work together for good, especially when built with passion, dedication, and purpose.

Her journey into the fashion world began with a clear vision: to provide discerning mothers with an alternative to the standard pink and blue children's apparel. As a mom to three children, she yearned for classic unisex items in chic neutral tones, pieces that spoke of quality and timeless elegance. This was the genesis of 828 – a fashion line that embraced and celebrated diversity, simplicity, and luxury. Forte’s childhood spent surrounded by a family of pastors instilled in her a desire to bring people together, a purpose she connected with through her innate love for fashion.

But Danielle's vision didn't stop at clothing. Recognizing the deeper connection between the brand and its community, she evolved 828 into a lifestyle brand. Her mission was to accompany her customers on their life's journeys, making every step they took more luxurious and beautiful.

Danielle's commitment to family resonates deeply with the brand's ethos. Every collection, every product under the 828 banner is a testament to the rich tapestry of family life and cultural diversity. Her drive to create, curate, and cultivate has transformed 828 Lifestyle from a niche fashion brand into a beacon for those who seek luxury in every facet of their lives. The brand now includes women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, homeware, beauty, and athleisure.

Today, Danielle Forte's name is not just associated with luxury and style, but with a movement that promotes inclusivity, celebrates every family's unique story, and underscores the importance of cherishing every moment. Join her and the 828 family in making life not just lived but lived luxuriously. Because, as Forte says, a happy life is the ultimate luxury.